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Making the world a better place, bit by bit...



Wasoro - Waste Sorting Robotics - is a project started and developed by RobotNorge AS. After decades of experience in robotics and automation, we have taken a step further and combined robots with AI and vision systems. This solution will help the waste and recycling industry with more thorough sorting of waste and make the world a better place, bit by bit.   



There are several reasons why the world need a solution like WASORO. 

  • The robot will do a job that is not done today or a job that threatens HSE-security for employees.

  • Sorting waste contributes to a better environment and ultimately a better world.

  • Help your business meet EUs new requirements and regulations in waste management and recycling - Click the button to read more.

  • And last, but not least: Profitability and growth for your business.



Profitability and growth is a product of thoroughly sorted waste.

  • Different kinds of sorted waste gives a certain amount of commission per ton.

  • A better work environment increases employee satisfaction.

  • By implementing a robot to do repetetive and tedious tasks, you'll make staff available for  more valuable roles. In addition, reducing bottlenecks. 

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